'BGT' Winner is Donating a Portion of his Prize Money to Charity

'BGT' Winner is Donating a Portion of his Prize Money to Charity




As if we didn’t love him already, Britain’s Got Talent Sweetheart, Colin Thackery, melted the nations heart on Sunday’s live final when he was crowned 2019’s winner of the UK talent show.



The 89-year-old War Veteran stole our hearts on the show when he sang emotional ballads accompanied by the Chelsea Pensioners; not leaving a dry eye in the house.

But the BGT Champion pulled our heartstrings again when he enlightened us with his plans for the £250,000 prize money.


During an interview with This Morning, he told us that some of his proceeds will be going to The Royal Chelsea Hospital where he lives in accommodation along with other veterans.



‘Well first of all the hospital, because we are a charity and we are always collecting for something.’ He explained on the This Morning sofa.

‘We’ve got a new centre that we’ve been wanting to build, a visitor’s centre, activity centre. I’d love to think I set the whole thing off.’

When asked what he would do with the rest of the money he continued ‘And of course I’ve got family. I’ve got grandchildren wanting to get on the property ladder and all that sort of thing and of course A-Levels and all that’.


Thank you Colin, for blessing our hearts, you are a Diamond!

Melissa Bowker

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