Beyoncé’s Dad Diagnosed with Breast Cancer ‘You Can Survive This’

Beyoncé’s Dad Diagnosed with Breast Cancer ‘You Can Survive This’


In light of breast awareness month, an announcement was made on Good Morning America, that 67-yer-old, Mathew Knowles has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Beyoncé’s father commented on the recent diagnosis, ‘This is genetics’, he said, ‘It also means that my kids have a higher chance, a higher risk, even my grandkids have a higher risk. And they handled it like they have a higher risk. And they have handled it like they should. They went and got the test.’



Knowles contacted his doctor immediately after he noticed blood on his shirts and his bed sheets.


‘I have four things to be concerned about. Prostate Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Melanoma and Breast Cancer’, he told GMA. ‘The rest of my life I have to be very much aware and conscious and do all of the early detection... for the rest of my life.’


‘I’ve learned that the numbers that we have for men on breast cancer are not adequate because we don’t have enough men that came forward that take the exam.’


It is not common knowledge that men can develop Breast Cancer as it is far less likely than women, 1 in 833 men will be affected in their lifetime unlike 1 in 8 for women.


Beyoncé’s father and former manager revealed that he has the gene mutation BRCA2, which makes the risk much higher for developing the disease.



He also stated that he underwent surgery in July but is in recovery now and has decided to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.


‘I’m hoping that by me coming here today, speaking out, letting folks know that you can survive this, but it has to be early detection. I can’t over emphasise the word ‘early’.


To support Mathew Knowles and other people like him around the world, wear something pink on October 18th and donate to the Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.

Melissa Bowker

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