Beauty from the East is coming.

Beauty from the East is coming.

According to many British weather forecasts the UK are now showing signs of another spell of warm weather during the beginning of May. The hot weather could see temperatures exceed 21C, beer gardens get ready for us, we are coming!

Yes, that’s right, those tiny 3 days in April was not the end of the British Summer, we have a heatwave coming and we MUST get our skin in tip top shape in time. 

As you may be aware, sunshine and natural vitamin D helps our skin out in many ways, but one thing it can do is dry out your skin. We always recommend moisturising all over your body, the most important part being your face. When the weather is warm always take precaution when it comes to your face, SPF always helps when out and about, wearing it underneath your makeup will still help protect you. However, after care is also vital to keep your skin hydrated.

 To hydrate your face, try out our Bubble Mask and Hydrating Sheet Mask. These will both keep your skin soft and rejuvenated during this coming heatwave.

To hydrate your lips, use our Lip Fix Bundle. The Mojito Lip Scrub will help rub away any dead skin on your lips, leaving them soft and smooth. Whilst the Vanilla Lip Balm will give your lips moisture throughout the day.

We hope this coming sun isn’t the only sun we see this summer, but let’s make the most of it, remember stay hydrated, take care of your skin and have a good time!


Daniel Fletcher


Daniel Fletcher

These are fabulous.

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