B&M Launches Stylish Mini Fridge that is Ideal For all Your Beauty Products!

B&M Launches Stylish Mini Fridge that is Ideal For all Your Beauty Products!

The budget chain has done it again. Providing us with things we never knew we needed at affordable prices.

 Keeping up with the latest craze, B&M stores have released a mini fridge to store all your favourite skincare products in. Perfect for all of your moisturisers and evening serums.



There is even a compartment in the side of the door to keep your face mask!


Other products that will benefit from this craze are Jade & Quartz face sculpting massagers and rollers.


The new small appliance became an online trend amongst vloggers as they posted their new fridges with hashtag #shelfie. Social Media stars have been snapping the contents of their mini coolers on their feed and the internet has gone crazy over it.




Cooling down your beauty products are said to help reduce puffiness and create a nice cooling effect when applying to your hot skin, especially during warmer seasons, but nobody wants to place their facemasks next to their grocery shopping.


Another advantage to placing your beauty products in the fried is to increase shelf life and therefore decrease plastic pollution for the environment.

Many beauty junkies will dispose of their products if the warm weather has created heat damage to the ingredients, even if there is a large majority of the product left.


The Mini Beauty Fridge is also available on WOWCHER, Ebay & Amazon but B&M’s version will be trading at only £34.99.



Why not check out Give Me’s range of Face Mask & Eye Patches that will be ideal to store in. your new beauty fridge!




Melissa Bowker

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