B&M has Released an Advent That is £190 Cheaper than the Lush Calendar!

B&M has Released an Advent That is £190 Cheaper than the Lush Calendar!

I know what you’re thinking, why on earth are we talking about Christmas Advent Calendars in August?!


Well as of today (29thAugust) The first line of advents have been released. To begin with, you could splash out on the first ever edition of Lush advent Calendars.


Filled with festive favourite from the popular handmade cosmetics company. Delve into seasonal sizzling bath bombs and winter themed moisturisers & shower cremes. All packaged in a handy reusable box containing drawers to make your advent experience quirky and sustainable.


This yummy Christmas chest is retailing at the premium price of £195 – But don’t let the price scare you away! There are only 500 available of the Colourful calendars in the UK.


If you think £195 for an Advent Calendar is a little steep in your Xmas budget, considering you probably haven’t even started saving for Christmas presents.


Don’t worry, there will be no #FOMO this year as B&M have brought out their own version of the fizzy favourite and it’s a whopping £190 cheaper than the popular handmade cosmetics brand.  


Priced at just £5, cocktail lovers will certainly be in love with this one as the 12-window bath bomb advent will be themed on all your favourite tipples.


‘The advent is the perfect choice if you love to relax in the bath at the end of a long day – as it’s filled to the brim with cocktail scented bath fizzers.’ – says B&M.


‘So, your bath water will be transformed into the sweet, citrus flavours of the classic tequila cocktail, or contains scents of the traditional light and refreshing mint mojito – you’ll be wanting to drink your bath water!’ – Although we do advise against this!


If you really love this calendar, the best thing is that you can buy a whopping 39 boxes of the B&M Christmas Calendar for the price of the Lush version!





Melissa Bowker

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