ASDA Launches Lemon & Watermelon Flavour Gins

ASDA Launches Lemon & Watermelon Flavour Gins

As gin season fast approaches, all the weird and wacky gin start to appear. From glittery to glow in the dark gins, the craze for the much love summer drink continues.


Now ASDA have launched their own range of quirky gins.

The latest flavour to hit the supermarket will be Lemon and Watermelon by new own brand Verano. Talk about Refreshing tastes!


From June 7th, ASDA will be stocking the new range that have been inspired by Spanish fruits.


So whether you’re in the mood for a mouth-watering pink watermelon refreshment or a zingy lemon tipple; both will be on the shelf trading at £23 per 70cl bottle.

Melissa Bowker

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