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Apparently Big Toes Are a Fashion Statement

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. But other times, it’s okay to not be a sheep.


According to Parisian Label Y Project, we should be embracing the big toes for all its glory.



If you’re are unsure what this fashion entails, it’s quite self-explanatory. Y project have released a line of footwear consisting of a court shoe with just your big toe exposed.


Now there is only one this that screams out to me when I see this image and that is ‘OWWW!’ – We have all been the blistered victim of an ill-fitting heeled shoe, but this just seems to be taking the agony to another extreme!



If you are open to your toes getting shredded, then these beauties are retailing at the bargain price pf £790.


Don’t be fooled, these ‘unique’ shoes are actually selling out really fast. So, don’t be caught out in the fashion cycle! Grab yourself a pair of these toe wagglers quick!



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