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Another Spice Girls Movie has just been Confirmed and we’re so excited!

After every 90’s child relieved their youth this month during the Spice Girls reunion tour, everyone is feeling the spice fever again and we’re loving it.




To put a cherry on a very spicy cake, it has just been confirmed that a new Spice Girls movie has just been given the nod!


Paramount Studios have announced that a new animated Spice Girls film is on the cards! It will include all FIVE Spice girls in the cast (And yes that means the character of Posh will be making a comeback in the film!)



According to The Independent Report, the story will surround the loves of the girls but re-imagined as SUPERHEROES plus the pop singers will be lending their voices to the characters!


Sources have stated that we are going to be treated to not only our childhood classics but also a whole new set of songs!


The president of Paramount Studios told the paper, that the girls are ‘Very involved’ in the production and they have had a hand on developing the film.


The animated movie is yet to be names and we are still waiting to hear if Post will be joining the on voicing her character but it’s very exciting times ahead for the Spice Girls!


Viva Forever! ✌🏼


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