Alternative Plans for Halloween this Year?

Overall, 2020 has been a rather disappointing year and it just keeps getting better and better! Now, it looks like our Halloween plans are going to be an obstacle too.

Since Trick or Treating has been banned, Social gatherings are now illegal, which means no parties and in most places in the country, bars are closed. It seems that it is just about impossible to celebrate the spooky season.

But don’t have a scream just yet, what 2020 has also shown us, is how creative we can get when staying safe but social at the same time.



  1. Spooktacular Household Party 

    If there’s children in your household, there is going to be some serious tantrums if they can’t dress up in their favourite fancy dress and collect sweets from the neighbours. Why not try to soften the blow with a mini party with the members of your household. From a family with small children, to a student house. Decorate your house, dress up in your hair-raising costumes and have an intimate monster mash! Play spooky board games, set up a ghostly pinata or create a spooky treasure hunt. Bring the party to you!

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  1. Halloween Film Night – Drive in?

    Who doesn’t love watching a creepy film during Halloween? Draw the curtains and grab your sweeties whilst huddling together round the TV. Better yet, why not park up at your local Drive in Cinema and watch your spine-chilling movie close to ramp up the Scare-factor!

    If staying in is on your to-do list this Halloween, why not pamper yourself in the process. Watching a terrifying film with a sheet mask on may not be the most relaxing of scenarios but you can certainly kill two birds with one stone. Hydrate & nourish your skin whilst watching a nerve-racking film. What could possibly go wrong! 

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  2. Virtual Halloween Quiz & Costume Contest

    I think we all know how Zoom works now! Get all your quiz heads back online for a Halloween themed quiz! Bonus points for the most frightening costume!

  3. Halloween Baking

Get involved with the festivities by baking some ghoulie cupcakes or sinister-looking biscuits. Best of all you can eat them all yourself this year!

  1. Halloween Crafts Night

    Keep the children entertained with a creepy crafts night, carve pumpkins, make paper Mache spiders or build your own horrifying mummy! You should have some left from all the bulk buying this year!


  1. Halloween Drive by

    People may not be knocking on your door this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the outside of your house! Make someone’s night by transforming your home into a fearsome haunted house to entertain passers-by. Why not get the kids in car and drive around all the most spine-chilling decorated houses around your neighbourhood and admire from a distance!


Don’t let 2020 win this one, chin up, keep smiling, adapt and carry on because Better Days are Coming.


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Melissa Bowker

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