Aldi Has Launched a Unicorn Gin! 🦄

Aldi Has Launched a Unicorn Gin! 🦄

Struggling for plans this Bank Holiday? What about a unicorn inspired BBQ to accompany Aldi’s new special addition gin!



Aldi has dropped a new addition to the funky gin family, introducing Mystical Unicorn Gin!


Made by The Infusionists Small Batch, the enchanted beverage is a shimmering pink gin full of flavours such candy floss and marshmallows.


The supermarket will be trading the new magical drink at £9.99 along with many more weird and wonderful flavours to celebrate their first ever Spirits Festival.


Delve into tastes such as Tutti-Frutti, Passion Fruit, Apricot & Coconut, Strawberries & Cream and of course the trending favourite Spiced Rhubarb.



Why not get boozy this bank holiday weekend and host a colourful gin party. Don’t forget, this will be our last bank holiday before Xmas!


Make it count!

Melissa Bowker

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