Aladdin Reboot has Taken Flight!

Aladdin Reboot has Taken Flight!

Get ready to fly into a whole new world with the release of the live action remake of Walt Disney’s Aladdin.

Landing in cinemas today, get ready to meet all your favourite characters in the Arabian iconic tale such as Jafar, Jasmine, Genie, Abu and of course everyone's favourite street rat Aladdin.


As you are probably aware by now, from the numerous teaser trailers fed to us that the infamous role of the Genie will be played by the fresh prince himself, Mr Will Smith!


We have already witnessed snippets of footage showcasing Will Smith’s cheeky and witty humour brought to this role.

 He had big shoes to fill after the world class performance of the original Genie, played by the late great Robin Williams but I think he’s going to do great!


After the success of the live action remake of Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella, TheJungle Book and quite recently Dumbo; a long line of Disney classics is on the cards for their reboot such as The Lion King, Mulan, Lady & The Tramp, Pinocchio plus many more.


We have been informed that not only are we going to be blessed with the magical original soundtrack, but we are also going to be given a range of additional new numbers – especially surrounding the beautiful character of Princess Jasmine.

Sources have stated that we are going to see a more three-dimensional character development with the princess and witness her strengths and battles as a woman. 


Creating a Bollywood style feel to the film, Guy Ritchie has used influences from Morocco, Turkey and India to show a more respectful representation of the middle eastern film.


So roll out your carpets and fly down to your local cinema to watch the latest instalment of Disney reboots.

Melissa Bowker

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