Ainsley Harriot Plotting for major Telly revival - READY, STEADY COOK!

Ainsley Harriot Plotting for major Telly revival - READY, STEADY COOK!

As the 10-year anniversary is approaching for the nations favourite cooking show, Ainsley Harriot is ready to fire the baby back up again with a reboot of the popular cookery show READY STEADY COOK!

In a recent interview, Harriot stated ‘Me and James have been discussing it recently, he is at the forefront of the production side of things and he is saying that people are talking about it.’ He continued ‘Fingers crossed they go for it. It’s a unique format and there’s nothing else on TV quite like it – it’s easy for people to follow. Me and James would do it along with a raft of new chefs.


When James Martin was approached about the show, he replied ‘I think Ready Steady Cook is iconic. I think I’d give it a go. It’s a great format!’


‘People remember that show however old they were. It was the most successful cooking show of its generation.’


His plans however are to step away from the cooking and take a stab at co-hosting the foodie TV show. ‘I’d be a lot slower now than when I was doing it, cause I’m a lot older.’


As long as James loses the headband this time and Ainsley carries on making his delicious cous cous I think this family tea time show will cook up a storm!



Melissa Bowker

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