A ‘Vagina Spa’ is coming to the UK – But What Does it do?

A ‘Vagina Spa’ is coming to the UK – But What Does it do?

We all like to pamper ourselves every once in a while, from facials to massages to getting our hair and nails done. But what about your intimate areas? Do they get any loving or TLC?



Well don’t worry because there’s a ‘Vagina Spa’ coming to the UK!


The UK’s capital will play host to the VSPOT Media Spa, which originated in New York’s Upper East Side.



The founder, Cindy Barshop, who once appeared on The Real Housewives Of New York, is now expanding her business to the UK & Dubai by popular demand.



But what exactly is a Vaginal Spa you might ask? And why do we need it?


The VSPOT Media Spa specialises in a wide range of cosmetic & non-surgical procedures to help repair & maintain your intimate health.


According to the popular website, it states that the spa comprises of an all-female team of ‘Medical experts in correcting issues that interfere with our quality of life and sexual satisfaction.’ This includes, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Lasers, tightening, Urinary Leakage, Painful Sex, Menopause, Vaginal lighting and many more.


There is a service that provides an Orgasmic Shot, called Ospot, which claims to boast the female orgasm by injecting their own blood in the vagina.



Whilst the Oshot has proven to be very popular amongst certain women as it benefits from more frequent orgasms, increased sexual desire and boosted natural lubrication. It has however been scrutinised after gynaecologists slammed the procedure saying ‘patients risk damaging nerve fibres that could cause long-term problems including pain during intercourse’.






The Spa also offers Vaginal Steaming, which is a very popular procedure with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow & Will Smith’s wife Jada.

Costing roughly $125 (£102) You can have your intimate area steamed with an infusion of therapeutic herbs to give your nether region a deep clean.


If you really want to give down there the Queen’s treatment, you can splash out on a 24k Gold bikini wax which offers a wax infused with 24k Gold to ‘Brighten the Skin’.

Your downstairs will then be treated with LED lights to help fight in grown hair and smooth out skin tone.



All prices will be twinned with the sister branch in New York.


It has not been confirmed when the Spa will open but all that has been announced is that it will be Q4 of 2019.


Any girls feeling a pamper day?




Melissa Bowker

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