6 globe-trotting celebs who we are totally jealous of RN.

6 globe-trotting celebs who we are totally jealous of RN.

Who wouldn’t want to live the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous? Right now, our Instagram feeds are flooded with celebrities living the high life around the world and we couldn’t be more jealous. If only we had professional hair and makeup team and photographer following us around to snap the perfect pictures and making us look gorgeous 24/7.

But don’t worry Give Me Cosmetics has the perfect holiday essentials to keep you looking and feeling great for your summer holiday.

Keep your hair in great condition from the sun, keeping those dead ends at bay and giving your hair complete life for the duration of your vacation.

Holidays are made for relaxing, the Chill Out Mask is the ideal choice to put yourself in complete ease and relaxation.

There are sure to be some crazy nights during your holiday, resulting in a nightmare of a hangover the next day. Get your Hangover Sheet Mask on and let use cure your head.

Is there anything worse than a bad night sleep on holiday? Sun shining through the windows? No thanks. Get our U Ok Hun? Sleep Mask now for your perfect holiday sleep.

There is nothing worse than dry lips on holiday. Our Lip Scrub bundle comes with a scrub to get away any flaky or dry bits and a balm to soft and smooth your lips.

Make sure your lashes are looking perfect of an evening with our gold eyelash applicator. Apply those lashes nice and easy, no fuss or hassle and get ready to hit the local town.

Now that our holiday essentials are sorted, lets take a look who are making us go green with envy right now...  

Currently soaking up the sun in Mykonos, Emily looks insane. We have major hat envy, but unfortunately, we don’t think that will fit into our suitcases.
Hailey always looks so effortlessly chic when on holiday, we love it!
The queen of holidaying, we are SOOO jealous of Kourtney currently holidaying in Italy, with her younger bae Younes. Also, major outfit envy, check out Kourtney’s Instagram for images of her many stylish outfits.
This girl doesn’t stop, now in Mykonos along with other various celebrities Gigi looks amazing as always. We love her no makeup - makeup look. Her skin is completely flawless, always so sun kissed, and we are totally stealing the high pony and braid look for unwashed hair nights. Just gorgeous!
This beauty is an ultimate jet setter. Currently partying in Ibiza, Olivia never disappoints with her outfit, hair and makeup choices. Can she do any wrong? We think not!
Europe must be the place to be this summer, with Emma also enjoying the Italian sunshine, she looks simply stunning. We love an effortless daytime look!
Are you jetting off anywhere nice this summer? Comment and let us know.
Daniel Fletcher

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