5 Ways to Keeping the Peace in Your Household During Lockdown


As the Government announces that now the Stay at Home guidance most likely won’t be lifted until the end of May, households are beginning to show cracks in their lockdown routines, resulting in people being tempted to leave their homes.


It can be difficult if you are living in a busy household with home schooling small children or motivating moody teenagers, especially if you are trying to work from yourself.


But this is a great opportunity to try out a new hobby or spend some well needed family time together – take advantage of it!


So, here are 5 creative ideas to try and keep the peace for another 6 weeks.


  1. Go on separate walks – The government is allowing households walking together on their one type of daily exercise. But if a household with other people becomes a little over-bearing, going for a walk alone may help to clear your mind and calm your feelings.

  2. Create a Chores List – If having a house full of arguing siblings and lazy teens was hard the best of times, it can be very trying when you’re all locked down in a house together. Try and get them to work as a team, it’ all hands-on deck now. It’s not up to Mum & Dad to clean and wash if you’re all there. Distributing chores with a rota will lighten the workload and give the children something to do with their time other than squabble amongst themselves.

  3. Bake – Create some bonding time with everyone by being creative and baking together. From cakes, biscuits to decorating buns, there are some fun and easy recipes for the whole family to get stuck into.

  4. Make a Movie Raffle – Sparks could fly when you all sit down and try to decide what movie you want to watch. To please everyone why not create a Movie raffle. If you each select a handful of films, right them down on separate pieces of paper and shuffle them in a bowl then pick one on each movie night. It’s a fair draw and by the end of it, you have all watched the films you wanted to.

  5. Have a Games night – For the best way of family fun, allocate a games night! Maybe the night you usually go out to the pub or with friends. Put away any electronic devices, pull out a board game or two and have a laugh as a family. From jigsaws to active games such a charades & Pictionary. There are even some really fun adult board games!




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Melissa Bowker

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