5 Steps to Staying Mentally Healthy While Working from Home

5 Steps to Staying Mentally Healthy While Working from Home

Turning your home into an office can be tricky, as we struggle to separate work and life when they’re happening in the same place.



Well we have 5 top tips for staying productive and mentally healthy whilst working from home:


  1. Something as simple as getting out of your pyjamas and getting dressed for the day can get you in the right headspace. 

  2. Have a dedicated workspace, ideally with a decent desk/table for the appropriate space and supportive chair for your back. (Avoid if possible - A laptop on the sofa)

  3. Listen to music or put the TV on in the background, as working from home can sometimes be too quiet and a little isolating. 

  4. Most importantly, have a proper lunch break where you don’t look at anything work-related.

  5. Make sure you block out your regular working hours and don’t be tempted to work over. Make sure you sign out from emails when the day is over!


As the uncertainty of a normal routine is still immanent, it is more important than ever to make sure you are not feeling isolated at home. The use of Whatapp and Skype can keep you connected with your work colleagues, even if it just to send a silly meme!  


Melissa Bowker

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