5 Simple Hacks for Staying Cool in Bed during a Heatwave

Let’s face it, this country is never prepared for extreme weather warnings, from winter storms to heatwaves, we are never equipped for the change of climate.


None of us have any idea on how to sleep when the weather warms up. We lie in bed, tossing and turning in our own sweat. And who would even contemplate buying air conditioning in the UK, you would get about three uses a year from it!



Thankfully, sleep expert James Wilson, AKA Sleep Geek has shared a few nifty tricks to help us drift off at night without waking up in puddles of sweat.


  1. Have a Lukewarm Bath Before Bed

I mean this is probably the last thing on your mind when your overheating, but the sleep environment specialist believes that it will ‘encourage your core temperature to drop.’

 ‘or alternatively put lukewarm water in a hot water bottle and place the soles of your feet on it for at least 10 mins.’





  1. Airflow

In other words, don’t hotbox your house. Make sure you keep air running through your house by opening windows and doors on both sides so that the hot air can pass through.





  1. Block out Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be an intense source of heat so just like you would find shade outside, close blinds and curtains inside. By blocking out the sun, you can keep your house cooler.




  1. A Bowl of Ice

If you’re using a fan in your bedroom when you sleep but are finding no luck, James suggest placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan when you go to bed.

This will produce a circulation of cool air instead of blowing the same warm air around the house.



  1. Avoid Putting Bedding in Fridge

In the past, some experts have suggested placing your sheets in the fridge to cool you down when you go to sleep.

Sleep Guru James disagrees, ‘It will add moisture to your environment and that moisture will heat up and make. You even warmer.’ – He explained.




Melissa Bowker

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