5 Ideas of Last-Minute Plans for Mother’s Day

5 Ideas of Last-Minute Plans for Mother’s Day


In a world of unprecedented times, it’s more than likely that you have been forced to cancel your plans for Mother’s Day. Perhaps you were going out for a meal, a show, spa day or had a weekend away planned. Either way, with the current situation, there could potentially be a lot of disappointed Mums on Sunday 22nd March.


But luckily, we have 5 creative ideas that could turn your panic around.



  1. Pamper Day - If you had a Mother/ Daughter Spa Day booked, you can still revel in some quality beauty time with a stay at home pamper day! Purchase some of your favourite face masks & beauty products and dedicate a day to just you and your mum. It very rare to have so much spare time at the moment so take advantage of the quiet and relax in some much-needed self-care time. ( For the best pamper products check out Give Me's Range of Pampering Gifts ideal for any Mother's Day Gift)

  2. Home Made Afternoon Tea – If you had a meal or afternoon tea booked with your mum, why not make your own. Bake a selection of little buns/ fairy cakes and place them on a little cake stand with some sandwiches cut into little triangles, accompanied with a nice pot of tea. Your Mum will be so pleased with the love and dedication that will have gone into the presentation and care.



 3. Netflix Cinema – If you had a film booked, you can create your own homemade cinema for you and your mum. Netflix has released a huge selection of films to help get us through this hibernation time and there are some corkers for Mother’s Day. Make yourselves some popcorn, shut the curtains and get cosy as you snuggle up to watch mum-loving films such as Little Women, Kings Speech, Wonder Woman, Laundromat, About Time, Marriage Story and so many more.

  1. See a Musical – Now if you had a show booked for you and Mum, you will be saddened to see that Theatres have closed this week. But do not fear! BroadwayHD have offered a FREE 7-day trial to stream all of your favourite Stage musicals in one place! Pour a glass of wine and get out your bag of fruit pastels because the show will go on! 

  1. Go for a Walk – The world may be self-isolating, but this country is fortunate to still let us leave our houses. If you have not been instructed to strictly stay indoors for 7 days, why not go for a nice walk with Mum. Going out and getting fresh air is a must if you are cooped up right now. As long as you are walking in a spacious area and not touching anything. A walk in the beautiful spring sun is so good for the soul.


Sadly, if you are self-isolating and you are unable to see your Mum on Mother’s Day. You can always Facetime with her and show her you are still there and care. 


 In times like these, it reminds us all that days like Mother’s Day is not about the best/ most expensive present. It about spending quality time with your mum. All she will want is her children to be safe and healthy. That’s the best Mother’s Day present any Mum can ask for.


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Melissa Bowker

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