3 People rumoured to enter the Love Island Villa!

3 People rumoured to enter the Love Island Villa!


As the summer nights approach that means only one thing.. LOVE ISLAND !

Rumours have been circling around casting as filming begins in the Mallorca Villa:

Spencer Morgan
Having made his opinions pretty clear about his detest for the popular reality TV program Love Island, Piers Morgan has recently grabbed a lot of unwanted attention regarding the ITV2 show after fans discovered that his son Spencer is HOT!

Photo Credit: @Spencer_morgan 

Many Love Island fans have been exploding with excitement when the 24 year old journalist tweeted a picture of the infamous Love Island bottle with HIS name on it. 

Naturally his father wasn’t impressed with his sons actions. ‘Wait, you're not going IN there are you ?!?!’ 

His followers completely ate up the idea and are now urging Spencer Morgan to enter the villa in the 2019 fifth season. 

And while this may only be a cruel trick to tease his dad, betting agencies are already taking on bets for the young hottie to join the popular TV show with odds at 2/1. 

Photo Credit @Spencer_morgan 

Soph Piper 
According to reports, Soph Piper, sister to famous singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes is speculated to be in talks with the ITV2’s producers. 
Sources have stated that the show is ‘desperate’ to have the 20 year old on the show and an offer has been made but she is yet to accept. 

Soph has already had experience in modelling and after recently working in Ibiza and Dubai, which makes her the perfect ‘Love islander’. 

Lotan Carter
After already building a colourful reputation after being kicked off Big Brother for being ‘too agressive’. The ‘Dreamboys’ star has apparently been in talks with the producers of the reality TV Show Love Island. 

Sources have told The Sun that ‘Lotan’s really up for it and he’s been training so he looks his best on camera’. 

If the speculations are true, then he will be one of the most mature contents at the age of 30. But reports have come out that, the nephew of reality star Louis Spence, is ‘looking for love. He want’s to find ‘The One’ and hopes that he can find someone to settle down with through the show’. 
Melissa Bowker

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