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Give Me's Top 10 Movies to Watch when Sick!

This time of year, we tend to see a lot of sickness bugs and viruses floating around which means we could possibly be calling up our boss and taking a sick day or two. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than being bed bound with any form of sickness, you lay there dreaming about the days when you could breathe through your nose or stomach a piece of toast and you took it for granted.

Never fear, you don’t have to completely hate those sick days. Get yourself in some fresh pyjamas, grab some vitamins, a hot honey and lemon water and a Chill Out Sheet Mask and relax with our top 10 movie picks to binge on when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Feet up, duvet on and relax… 

These movies are hand selected to make you laugh, cry, ensure you won’t get bored or fall asleep and get you feeling a little better by the end credits. 

  • The Notebook

We love nothing more than a good cry now and again. The Notebook is the perfect tear jerker we love to watch, no matter how many times we have saw it before.


  • 10 Things I Hate About You.

This 90’s classic is ideal for any duvet day, with laughs, cries and everything you need from a high school rom com.


  • Bridesmaids

When your bestie asks you to be her bridesmaid you obviously accept… But things keep going wrong in this hilarious rom com we can watch over n over again. A must see when you’re feeling ill.

  • Legally Blonde

Who doesn’t love Elle Woods winning life becomes a lawyer to win back the love of her life. So many classic lines from this flick that will guarantee you will be cheered up by.

  • Mean Girls

No matter how many times you can watch Mean Girls you still laugh out loud (well we do anyway.) This is a classic which we LOVE, a sure feel good movie to make you feel better.

  • A Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff and Chad Michel Murray, no better combo from the 2000’s. Feet up and watch this funny chick flick.

  • 3 Going On 30

Be careful what you wish for when sick, it might just come true. Like in this classic starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, a film loaded with laughs and cries.


  • She’s The Man

Who doesn’t love Amanda Byrne in her prime days. She’s The Man is the perfect easy watch, staring Channing Tatum also, makes it easy on our little sick eyes.

  • Coyote Ugly

Okay we admit, every time we watch this classic it makes us want to become a barmaid and dance on bars all night long singing to Leanne Rhyme’s smash hit!


  • Dirty Dancing

No one puts baby in the corner, right? This classic never gets old. Prepare to cry, smile and sing along at the end. We just LOVE this.

There you have it 10 classic movies to binge on when you are feeling sick. We would always recommend keeping your skin care routine up when ill, your face can really suffer when your immune system is low. Face masks to keep your face hydrated, try out our Ultimate Hydration Sheet Mask or Chill Out Mask to keep your face fresh and soft. Your lips will really suffer if coughing all the time, keep them flake free and soft with our Lip Fix Duo.

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