10 Essential Tips for the Beauty Bargain Hunter



Let’s face it, the effort, time and money that goes into being beautiful is exhausting and expensive. Having to buy all the latest skincare, make-up and hair products burn a huge hole in your wallet and so if there was a way to save the pennies you would jump on it in a heartbeat.


So, here’s some clever cost-effective hacks for money saving beauty fans!


    1. Use Tap Water Before Swimming– Chlorine damages your hair especially if it’s coloured. To uphold colour, rinse your hair in tap or bottled water before entering the pool.


  1. Try Using a Spoon for the Ultimate Winged Eyeliner– Using a spoon as a stencil for you winged eyeliner look helps create the curves and precisions of straight lines.


  1. Put Vaseline on Pulse Points– To keep the smell of your perfume on you for longer, rub Vaseline on the pulse points for the perfume to stick onto your skin and preserve smelling nicer for longer.


  1. Use a Nail File to Remove Scuffs on Shoes – File away any marks on your footwear to save buying new shoes.


  1. Use a Hair Dryer on Your eye Lash Curler– This will act as a heated curler for your eyelashes to activate full, longer looking lashes without the price.


  1. Strengthen Nails with Toothpaste – If your nails are prone to breakage or discolouring, massaging toothpaste into the cuticles will help build a stronger, brighter look to your nails.


  1. Add Peppermint Oil to Lip Gloss for Plumper Lips– If you’re not prepared to pay through the roof for fuller looking lips, try adding drops of peppermint oil in your lip gloss. The sharpness of the peppermint will stimulate the lips and therefore reveal a plumper image.


  1. Use Baby Powder on Greasy Roots – You could buy dry shampoo, or you could reach into your bathroom cabinet and apply Talcum powder to your roots. Does the same job at half the price?


  1. Keep Your Moisturiser in the Fridge to Fight Puffy Eyes– Everyone suffers from puffy eyes through a full week in work. If you apply a cooling moisturiser it will reduce the look of inflamed bags without the extreme cost of a Botox needle.


  1. Use Saline Solution to Make Your Mascara Last Longer– We all begrudge buying a new mascara when we know there is more in the bottle. Adding contact lenses solution will buy you a little more time before payday.

Melissa Bowker

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